Rank Higher When Homeowners Search For Local Solar Installers

Every day, dozens of people in your local area are searching terms like, "solar for my home" and "solar for my business." Make sure your business is listed properly and comes up on the top of local search to generate higher quality inbound leads. We know that homeowners often get solar bids from 3-5 companies before choosing a local solar installer, so it is important to make sure you are one of the top-ranked results for local online search.

Accuracy & Consistency Matters

Many business owners and marketing managers know the importance of ranking well in search, especially in the solar industry where competition is high and homeowners are searching for local installers. The problem is, most people don't know exactly how to improve search results, and often overlook the impact of simply correcting how their solar company is listed online. Most business local listings include the following:

Business Name


Phone Number

Website URL

It is especially important that your Business Name, Address & Phone Number are listed consistently across the web. And we mean exactly the same, down to punctuation and spacing. For example, when it comes to search engines:

1234 Business Ave.

does not register as the same business when found listed this way...

1234 Business Avenue


The great news is that with a quick assessment and the correct updates, you will see improvement relatively quickly.

The process is simple:

1. Run A Free Scan Of Your Business

Take advantage of this free local SEO website audit tool. Enter your Business Name, Address, Phone number and URL for an immediate assessment of your solar company listings.

2. Evaluate The Status Of Your Local Listings

Once you receive your results, check your company citations for consistency and accuracy. The detailed report will show you where your business is excelling, and where you have online discrepancies.

3. Find and correct citation discrepancies

Once you've identified your online discrepancies, you can either correct your listings individually by logging in and updating them on each platform, or take advantage of our local listing services.

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