Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns for Solar Lead Generation

Convert Your Existing Opportunities & Generate More Referrals

When it comes to solar marketing, one of the most common things we hear from our clients is, "We need more leads!" While there are some lead gen efforts that work better than others depending on your market, there are a few things that work EVERYWHERE. Not only do they work in all markets, strategic email marketing campaigns are a fantastic, low-cost way to generate new business from existing opportunities and customers in your CRM.

Two Types of Monthly Email Campaigns to Generate More Sales

Coverting Existing Leads & Opportunities

You probably have hundreds to thousands of homeowners and/or business owners in your CRM that you have already spent time or money on to generate. These leads often go cold or are even considered dead and closed at some point. Incredibly, some leads take months, even years to convert. We will generate a lead nurturing campaign that will continue to connect with your potential opportunities monthly. Our effective email marketing and lead nurturing campaigns will continue to revive these old leads, maximizing conversions on your initial investment and supporting the demands of your current team. Whether it's working on leads from previous energy consultants, leads that have been neglected or fallen through the cracks, or opportunities that simply need to be nurtured over time, we will construct an effective strategy to help you land a couple extra deals each month.


Generating Referrals & Rewarding Customers

Implementing an effective referral program is essential, especially in the solar industry. If you have a referral rewards program or custom app in place, it is essential that you maintain contact with your customers with a thoughtful email nurturing campaign to continue to grow your referral channel. By connecting with your customers when it makes sense to, and offering the occasional referral incentive, you will develop and maintain a constant stream of referral leads. And we all know how much our solar sales teams LOVE referral leads!


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