Websites Designed for Solar Lead Generation

Your solar marketing website should be designed with lead generation and conversion in mind. Our team of solar marketing professionals has created solar websites for more than seven years, so we know just what a website needs to bring in more opportunities and leads for your team.

Just as you would build a custom home solar system to fit a customer's roof to maximize the power generated, we will design a solar website tailored to your business needs with a focus on optimized lead generation and conversion. With years of experience marketing in the solar industry combined with standard web design and development best practices, all of our websites include key features to optimize your site and generate the best results.

Mobile-Friendly Design

As of 2019, mobile accounts for more than 50% of all web traffic and 61% of all social ads are viewed by consumers on mobile devices. A mobile-friendly website is one that is designed to work the exact same way across devices. If your website isn't responsive and easy to use, you could miss out on important potential leads. We will test your website's functionality across multiple devices to ensure the best possible user experience. 

Key website features include: 

  • Dynamic content that changes based on a user's actions
  • Condensed navigation
  • Optimized images
  • Correct padding and spacing between elements
  • Reliant on mobile operating systems to function

Fast Website Load Times

We live in a fast-paced world where consumers are used to finding information quickly and efficiently. Website loading times play a huge role in the success of your website and ultimately, your lead conversions. From server issues to free web hosting services (instead of paid), there are a number of things that cause slow loading times that lead to lower lead conversions on your website. While Google aims for a half-second load time or faster, they recommend keeping e-commerce website load times under two seconds.


While a professional and visually-appealing website is key for first impressions, it's also important that good form follows functionality. The ultimate goal of your solar website is to generate leads for your business, educate home owners on the solar products you offer and utilize customer testimonials/reviews to establish your credibility.

We believe in letting data drive our designs and we utilize tools that allow our team to monitor website visitor behavior to ultimately optimize your site layout. From the placement of every call-to-action to making adjustments to influence visitor flow, we're strategic in every aspect of our design and development to generate the best results for our clients.

Analytics & Tracking


You can have a beautiful, well-functioning site, but without analytics installed it is extremely difficult to assess the success of your digital marketing efforts and to monitor the health and effectiveness of your website. We install Google Analytics on every site to ensure consistent metrics and tracking and to allow for monthly reporting of your website traffic and conversions.


Informative Content Written for Your Prospects AND Search Engines

Layouts Designed to Convert

Customer education is still a huge part of the solar sales process, so your website needs to be an informative tool to educate local home and business owners. The trick is to write content that is easy to read and understand for your local prospect, but also optimized for search engines. We understand this balance, the importance of keywords and can improve your search rankings while establishing your brand and positioning your sales consultants as local solar experts.


Client Web Design & Development Portfolio

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Custom Solar Solutions For Your Website

Solar Calculator

We offer an affordable solar calculator for your website to give customers the opportunity to see how much they can save when they go solar. Developed and designed in house, we have the flexibility to white label the calculator for your business.


Referral Program Integration

We know referral leads are important to your solar business and your solar sales team. That's why it's crucial to incorporate your existing referral program into your website and further integrate it with your CRM. Our team will work with you to connect your systems and ensure the best customer experience for your incoming leads and easy processes for your in-house team that handles those leads. Don't have a referral program in place yet? Call us and we'll find the best solution to generate, manage and convert referral opportunities for your business.

Installation Map

A common question we get asked at the kitchen table is "Have you done any installations in my neighborhood and how many installations have you done?" One way to show your presence in your local market is to showcase an install map on your website. Not only is it a helpful, nice touch for customers to visually see where you've installed solar systems, but our team will also update it twice a year to keep your map as up-to-date as possible.


Custom App Development

Whether you have an idea for a custom app that you'd like to build for your website or you have an app but don't know how to integrate it with your current website, our team of in-house app developers will help set your solar company apart with custom development and site integrations.

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